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Telephone Call Recorder

Price: $79.95


Record personal and business calls, automatic voice activated recording, save files on a removable SD card.

The Telephone Recorder Pro is an easy-to-use stand-alone telephone recording system. Stores recordings internally to a removable SD card. This powerful recording device is only 2.5" x 4" small, so it easily fits next to your phone without drawing extra attention.

  • Record phone calls automatically using voice activation (or you can activate manually), captures both sides of the conversation!
  • Save directly to removable SD memory - play back directly on the unit or use your PC
  • Up to 140 hours of recording on a 2 GB SD Card - MP3 format
  • Automatically overwrites earliest recorded phone calls to make space for new recordings
  • Easy push button search for recorded calls - using easy push button controls and automatic date/time stamp
  • Lets you adjust recording volume
  • Powered with AC power adapter

• Recording Format: MP3
• Size: 2.5" x 4"
• Power Supply: AC Adapter
• Automatic start, stop and record
• Rapid search and playback controls
• Up to 280 hours of recording on one 2G SD / MMC memory card support with 8G (max)memory card
• Automatic overwrite call data when the card memory full
• LCD displays for all call information
• Digits dialed, time and date stored

Note: if you are using a multi-extension phone system you will need to use a device with the option for a handset hook-up. We recommend the Digital Phone Call Recording System. Be sure to check out the accompanying diagrams which illustrate the handset hook up.

• Mini Telephone Recorder Pro
• 2GB SD Card
• Telephone Cord
• AC Power Adapter
• Manual


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