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360 Degree Wi-Fi Camera
HD Wi-Fi capable camera, you can see a 360° view of the room, access the video feed live on any smart phone or tablet - viewing app provided. Includes audio.

Wireless Mini Clock Spy Camera WiFi And DVR Recorder
Stream live video to your phone PLUS HD video recording to removable SD card, use either battery or AC power for long term usage.

Coffee Cup Lid Spy Camera
Motion Detection with Sensitivity adjustment, HD 1920x1080 video recording ot SD Card [up to 128GB] - Date/Time Stamp - loop recording

USB Adapter Spy Camera
records to built-in memory 4GB - simply plug in to wall outlet and it starts motion activated recording.

Motion Detector WiFi Camera With Built-In DVR and Audio
Motion activated video & audio recording with infra red night vision. View online, with an app, or record to SD card.

Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera With DVR
Motion detection activates recording to removable SD card - easy to view on your PC or TV screen, remote control operation

Smoke Detector DVR Spy Camera With 90 Day Battery + Night Vision
90 day battery life in standby - motion activated, Night Vision invisible 940n IR, saves to Micro SD card, 140 degree wide angle lens

Flash Drive Spy Camera
Motion activated video & audio - records to removable SD card

AC Adapter Snake Camera - Lens Is At The End Of The Cable
Camera lens is at the end of the cord! Plug into wall outlet and snake it to where you need it.

Wireless Air Freshner Spy Camera With Battery Powered
Motion activated, easy to set up with phone, FREE apps, also records video to SD card (up to 64 GB), no IP router settings to mess with

Rotating Security Light with WiFi Camera
Motion activated WiFi camera and LED light detect and track movement up to 55 feet away with a huge 220 degree radius

Mini Clock Spy Camera With Night Vision
1080p Full HD resolution - motion activated recording - night vision range 20 feet - use battery power or AC adapter for long term operation.

Night Vision Alarm Clock Spy Camera DVR - Wide Angle Lens
Motion activated recording to SD card (32GB max), night vision up to 30 ft. automatically adjusts to lighting, 140 degree lens, 1280x720 px

Wireless Mouse Spy Camera Recorder
Motion detection recording with up to 9 days battery life - records on removable SD card (16 GB max) easy to view on your computer

Motion Activated Mini Spy Camera - Video + Audio + Night Vision
Motion Activated Video and Audio recording with night vision, 10 day battery life in standby mode, saves to removable SD card.

Air Freshener DVR Spy Camera 90 Day Battery - Wide Angle Lens
90 day battery life in standby mode - motion activated, 0.2 LUX dim light recording, saves video to SD card - Res: 1280x720, 140 degree lens

LED Bulb Spy Camera - Night Vision
Motion detecting recording with night vision, saves video to micro SD card - up to a full week of video storage

Flash Drive Spy Camera
Micro DVR recorder in a working flash drive. Small and easy to hide. Motion activated.

Bluetooth Speaker DVR Covert Camera - Wide Angle Lens
Easy to hide covert camera - looks like an everyday stereo component... fully functional speaker, but also records high definition video to a removable SD card

Wireless Spy Camera Plant With Battery Powered
Motion activated, easy to set up with phone, FREE apps, also records video to SD card (up to 64 GB), no IP router settings to mess with

DVD Player With Hidden Camera DVR Inside
motion detection sensors activate mini DVR - records on removable SD card (32 GB max) easy to view on your computer

Flash Drive Hidden Camera
Micro DVR recorder in a working flash drive. Small and easy to hide. Motion activated.

Digital Picture Frame Spy Camera
Motion activated recording - stores video on SD card, full color 550 TVL video, fully functional picture viewer

Cell Phone Charger Spy Camera
Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control, view, and stream video from your smartphone - also records to a removable micro SD card

Digital Thermometer Spy Camera
5 DAY BATTERY LIFE - motion activated recording to removable SD card. Desktop or wall mounted

Bottled Water Spy Camera
Motion activated video, 10 hour battery life, USB charger - saves video to micro SD card

Coffee Maker Spy Camera
Motion activated spy camera - ideal for kitchens or work areas. No batteries to recharge

Motion Activated feed

If you only need to record short span of activity in a given area you may want to consider the motion activated hidden camera. Motioned activated hidden cameras have built in sensors that use passive infrared technology to determine when there is movement in a given area and switch into record mode to record that activity. So you are only recording when there is action.

Motion activated recording helps you avoid the long hours of dead video and lets you quickly access recordings of any activity in the area you are monitoring.

The motion activated cameras also save you money because you do not have to also purchase the digital video recorder. DVR cameras have the ability to record and store video files on an SD card you can remove from the unit for playback on your computer.

Motion activated cameras can work from battery power or plugged directly into a wall of clip for continuous power. Selecting the motion activated spy camera that looks natural when plugged into a wall is your best bet because the device can access continuous power rather than the battery which needs to be recharged or replaced every eight to 24 hours.

Hidden surveillance cameras with built-in motion detection sensors only record when there is action in the area under surveillance... great for remote locations where wires are not an option and wireless does not transmit far enough. Motion activated cameras save you time. No more scrolling through hours of "dead"" surveillance video. Low power consumption means batteries last a long time on a single charge.


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