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Fake Security Camera With Solar Powered Strobe Light
Scare away crime before it happens - includes motion triggered strobe lights powered by a solar panel no batteries to change!

Dummy Dome Security Camera With Flashing LED Light
Easy to install with just a screwdriver - battery powered flashing red LED light draws attention to the camera - 4.5 diameter x 2.75 high

Fake Security Camera With Solar Powered Red LED Lights
Solar powered flashing red LED light so you can set it and forget it. Extra large 7 inch wide housing for a high profile look! Size - 10 x 6 x 7

Fake Outdoor Security Camera - 5 Infra Red LED Lights
Realistic security camera with flashing red LED light in black! We like to call this unit the "Darth Vader" of dummy cameras.

Fake Security Camera Dome - White Base And Flashing LED
Dome style fake security camera - low cost crime deterrence! Easy to install on your ceilling - Size - 5 inch diameter x 2 inches high

Fake Dome Security Camera With Simulated IR LED lights
Realistic looking dome style security camera with simulated IR night vision lights and flashing LED light- 3 inches diameter x 3 inches high

Large Fake Speed Dome Security Camera With Flashing LED
At 7 inches the dome is twice the size of other dome dummy cameras - Flashing red LED light draws attention to the camera, runs on nothing more than 2 AA batteries

Fake Outdoor Security Camera With Rainsheild
Rugged exterior housing and rain shield for outdoor security applications - easily adjust with swivelingmounting bracket sise 10 x 6 x 7

Fake Surveillance Camera With Motion Activated Movement
Rotates back and forth when motion sensor triggered. Flashing red LED catches attention. Easy to install - powered by 3 AA batteries

Dummy Surveillance Camera - Aluminum Housing - Flashing LED
Flashing LED for realistic effect, fully adjustable metal mounting bracket, Easy to install uses one C battery lasting 6 months

Outdoor Security Camera Dummy - Motion Sensing Rotation
Scares off criminals by responding to motion?pans back and forth for 25 seconds and produces flashing red light when camera motion sensors triggered

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Simulated or fake security cameras deter crime with the cost or time spent installing and maintaining a CCTV security camera system. Realistic appearance and added features like blinking LED lights and rotation routine add the effectiveness of fake cameras. Plus, you can use window stickers and lighted signage to make thieves or vandals think twice about intruding where they might be caught on video.

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