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Rotating And Tracking Security Light
3X passive infrared sensors with a total detection zone of 220° and up to 55 ft. - Robotic head rotates left and right

HOMESAFE Wireless Home Security System - Motion Detection
Complete wireless motion detection security system with auto-dial. Protects large areas, doors, and windows. Easy to use keypad activation.

Electronic Barking Dog Alarm
Radar activated barking dog alarm senses movement through doors, windows and glass and sounds a very realistic bark that gets louder as intruder get nearer!

HomeSafe Wireless Outdoor Siren
120db high output alarm, 3 alarm functions, use as add on to existing system or stand alone siren with motion activated sensors.

Pool Protector Motion Sensor Alarm
Pool Alarm with electronic motion sensor. Monitoring system for pools automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool.

Large Padlock With Motion Activated Alarm
Sounds a very loud 100db alarm will sound when the lock is tampered with! Made of tough zinc alloy metal - Includes 2 keys

Small Padlock With Motion Activated Alarm
Sounds a very loud 100db alarm will sound when the lock is tampered with! Made of tough zinc alloy metal - Includes 2 keys

Wireless Motion Alarm
Wireless motion alarm - water resistant for outdoor use, transmits up to 400 ft.

Safety Beam Alarm or Chime System
Safety Beam Alarm or Chime SystemReceive an alert when anyone breaks the beam creates an invisible infrared beam up to 60 feet long and sounds a loud alarm or pleasant chime when the beam is crossed.

Mini Alert Home Alarm With PIR Motion Detector
Low-budget motion detector household alarm is easy to use, battery operated and 100% portable!

Voice Alert System-6 Motion Detector Alarm
Wireless PIR motion sensors transmit to a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Record your own alert messages and be notified of activity in multiple monitored areas.

TELESPY: Motion Detector Alert System
The TeleSpy Motion Detector Alert System is a clever and reliable home alarm solution combining a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone.

Big Jammer Door Brace
Easy to set up door brace! Works with hinged doors and sliding patio doors.

Window Alarm With Deactivation Key
Motion activated alarm sounds a 105 db alert when it senses motion. Allows authorized access with key.

Sliding Window Lock - 2 Pack
Adjustable lock universally fits any sliding window or glass door. Installs in seconds - no tools needed, break-in force up to 300 pounds

Security System Window Stickers (sheet of 6)
Bright and easy to read decals on the glass doors or widows of your home or car to announce to would be intruders that your property is protected by an electronic security system.

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Motion detection alarms for your home or business means security doesn't have to cost a small fortune. Easy-to-install window and door alarms give you low cost alternatives to expensive security monitoring services. Most motion detector alarm systems use high-tech passive infra-red sensors which can detect motion in large areas even in complete darkness.

Home alarm systems you can install yourself. Low cost security solutions that allow you to avoid the high monthly fees charged by security services.

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