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ResortLock - Remote Access Control RL2000

Price: $299.95



Tired of Guests taking keys home or losing them? Tired of having to manage the many keys your properties have? Frustrated with guests checking in early or staying later than checkout? Are you changing lock box combinations too often?

ResortLock programmable keypad door lock lets you to take control of your property remotely, even if you are in another state. No more lost keys, no cards, no lockouts.

Grant selective access to not only your guests, but also maintenance, housekeepers, and contractors with remote control features like auto lock, remote codes, and scheduled access.

  • Lighted keypad, fully weather resistant
  • Remote code generation – unlimited codes over the year.
  • Up to 800 permanent codes & ibutton users (combined)
  • Set times for lock to Auto Lock/Unlock daily (must be the same for all 7 days of the week).
  • Issue one-time use codes for contractors, cleaners, etc.
  • Daylight savings mode to adjust for daylight savings time
  • Lockout functionality
  • Latch: Cylindrical Spring Latch 2 3/4 std or 2 3/8 opt with 1/2 " throw
  • Key Bypass: Standard

Additional Features w/Software Management

  • See who and when people are entering your property with Audit Trail allowing you to view up to 4000 door access events.
  • Manage many access codes and ibuttons all at once
  • Set access schedules for individual users (Ex. Set code 1234 to only have access M-F from 10am – 4pm).
  • Set Auto Lock/Unlock function to a different schedule daily (Auto unlock M-F from 9am-6pm). Great for business use!


Lock Weight 4LB
Power Source 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
Keypad Weather Resistant Keypad
Handle Reversible Lever
Door Thickness 1" to 2"
Temperature -20 to 120 degrees F (-34 to 50C) C6
Front Lock Height 6”
Front Width 2 1/2”
Back Height 6”
Back Width 2 1/2”
Key Hole to Top of Lock 4 1/2”
Working Current 50 mA
Idle Current 5 μA
Lock Back Time 5 (1 – 25) Seconds
Working Voltage 4.8-6.4V
Low Battery Warning 4.8V or lower
Keyway Schlage C6


Finishes: Silver or Brass

With or without mortise:

Diagram & Specifications for optional mortise

  • Interconnected Deadbolt - turn handle up to engage deadbolt, down to unlock and open door
  • 3/4" throw heavy duty deadbolt"
  • Rustproof heavy duty 2 3/8" backset lock case"
  • Individual spring to prevent lever sag, reversable
  • Forged brass lever handles exceed requirements of ADA
  • Auxiliary latch bolt
  • Heavy duty 1/2" latch bolt with anti-friction latch, reversable

Download:RL2000/LS-1250 Instruction Manual


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