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Bluetooth Locator - 2 Way Alert Keys-Kids-Pets-And More

Price: $29.95

Lost it? Don’t worry. Find It! With the new Streetwise Find It Child Monitor and Bluetooth Locator you will have the peace of mind knowing that you can quickly find any lost item and your loved ones will be safe from wondering off. You simply download the app to your Android or Apple smart phone and connect the Find It via Bluetooth 4.0. You can adjust the settings in the user friendly app menu and the FIND IT will both remind you if you have left a valuable item behind and help you locate a “lost” item within seconds.

Never worry about misplacing your car keys or forgetting your purse, wallet, camera or other expensive electronics while out and about. In the home, the Find It can be attached to your remote control, tablet or any other item you frequently spend time searching for. It can even be used to create a virtual safety fence that will alert you if a child or an elderly parent wonders an unsafe distance away from you. This feature can also be used to keep track of your pets.

Not only can you use the app on your phone to locate any lost item, it also works in reverse. Pushing the locate button on the center of the Find It will help you find your phone!


  • User Friendly: Just install the application on your Android or IOS Smart Phone, adjust the settings in the app, connect your phone to the Find It via Bluetooth and you are ready.
  • Battery Life: Approximately 6 months. We include 2 batteries with each Find It to give you 12 months of worry free locating.
  • Remote Photography: Taking selfies just got a whole lot easier. Simply turn on the remote photo option in the app menu and press the button on the Find It to snap a picture on your phone
  • 2 way Alert: With this unique feature, not only are you able to locate the Find It, but you can also locate your smart phone when lost. EVEN IN SILENT MODE
  • Lost Location History: This features allows you to know where you were last connected, giving you the ability to go back to the place where your valuable(s) were last connected.
  • Virtual Fence: When your phone and Find It exceed Bluetooth range (30-35 ft) your phone will begin to play music to issue a warning. This serves as a reminder that either your child is wandering too far away or that you are leaving behind something of value that the Find It is attached to.


Find It Child Monitor and Bluetooth Locator
Key Ring Lanyard
(2) CR2016 Batteries
User Manual

download manual here: SWFI-Instructions.pdf


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