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Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet

Price: $12.95


hidden wall safe

Wall safe disguised as a common wall electrical outlet... Conceal your valuables in your home or office.

Inside there is an easy-to-access pullout hidden compartment were you can hide your valuables or keys. Once installed simply pivot out to reveal the secret wall safe compartment.

  • Easy to access - with secure locking mechanism
  • Simple to install - kit includes cutout saw and template for easy installation in just minutes
  • Holds items up to seven inches in length with large interior compartment
  • Made of high impact plastic and metal

Inexpensively and effectively hides anything you don't want found...

Convenient low-cost wall safes.

Sometimes the most effective place to hide valuables is in plain view. Statistics show that a thief spends a mere six minutes inside your home as a rule.

Thieves are aware that the more time they are present in your home the better chance they have to be caught. Their need for speed leaves no time for a thorough hunt so thieves will only hit the most obvious places looking for cash or jewelry.

So, make their haste work in your favor, hide your valuables in plain sight. Diversion safes provide a unique home security solution that is inexpensive and highly effective. A diversion safe is a miniscule price for powerful from loss by burglary. Keep your valuables hidden in a place the thief would never look!

Most law enforcement experts believe diversion safes provide better protection than a typical locked safe, and at a far smaller cost. Police agree, cheap safes are more effective than costly floor or wall safes.

A good money safe doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. It simply needs to be realistic enough blend in and avoid detection.

Our diversion safe perfectly imitates the real product or container down to the last detail.

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