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Can Safe- Coffee Can

Price: $29.95

Can safe lets you hide valuables inside a coffee can... one of the last places a thief would think to look.

  • Real authentic can of coffee made out of the same material as a store bought can
  • The bottom screws off and inside you have a stash spot that is as deep as the can is and about 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter
  • Weighted to feel full
  • No accidental opening - Can Top Must Be Screwed Off For Access

Simply keep this hidden can safe mixed in with your pantry supplies. Nobody looks twice or realize you have a secret money safe where valuables and cash are safely stowed away.

Sometimes the best spot to hide something is in plain view. It’s a well known fact that a burglar takes under six minutes searching your home on average.


Robbers are aware that the longer they are present in the home they have broken into the better chance they have to be spotted and caught. The haste leaves no time for a complete hunt so robbers usually only hit the typical places looking for cash or valuables.

Put the odds in your favor, stash your treasures in plain sight. Secret hidden diversion safes provide a unique home security solution that is cheap and highly effective. A diversion safe is a tiny investment for powerful against loss by burglary. Keep valuables hidden in a place only you would ever look!

Many law enforcement experts will tell you diversion safes are often times better than a typical locked safe, and at a far smaller cost. Police agree, cheap safes are more successful than expensive floor or wall safes.

An effective hidden compartment safe doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. It just needs to be convincing enough blend in and avoid detection. Plus, it should be well crafted enough so if anyone picks it up they will be fooled into thinking it is just a can.

All of our diversion safe look exactly like the real product or container down to the last detail. It’s because each diversion safe is retro-fitted using an original container. These safes cannot be distinguished from the real product, plus they, are even weighted to feel full. All of our can safes designed with a seamless screw-off top or bottom, to provide a secret compartments in an inner recess within the actual container.

Valuables can then be inconspicuously stashed within these fake containers to be kept in your kitchen, bathroom, garage or vehicle.

Secret home safes may also be used to keep your stuff from prying eyes in the home.

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