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Mobile Noise Generator

Price: $369.95

Maximum Security... Minimum Size

Protect from eves dropping or recording with the NG3000 Rabbler. Creates a barrier of interference which masks your speech using a compilation of speech-like noise that is is extremely difficult to filter out.

Specifically designed for situations when the security of conversations is extremely important on the one hand, and maximum discretion on the other hand. Small and easy to transport so as not giving away your intentions.

  • Protect yourself against all types of eavesdropping when used in correspondence with the recommendations - designed by TSCM counte-rsurveilance professionals
  • Employs a new approach to the problem of conversation protection with speech like noise that's extremely difficult to filter out digitally -  proven to be more efficient when compared to white noise.
  • The noise has been 'compiled' using real human conversations and is similar to the noise of a 'rabble' in busy public places. This type of noise is the most effective when creating interference to voice recorders and listening devices, especially when the size of the protective device is critical.
  • Conveniently carry in a pocket or a small bag - portable, cigarette-pack sized device with a rugged durable housing
  • Easy to keep nearby and quick to deploy - take it out anytime you need to eliminate information leakage.

Kinds of listening devices rendered useless by the NG3000 "Rabbler":

  • Voice recorders
  • Radio microphones
  • GSM/3G "bugs"
  • Body-carried video cameras - watches, ties, etc. (jamming of acoustics)
  • Wired microphones
  • Any other type of audio surveillance

Please note that the NG3000 Rabbler is just a tool, complementing and reinforcing the measures taken to protect you from eavesdropping and recording. To increase the security of your conversation do not increase the volume of your voice. A volume similar to what you would use in a crowded coffee shop is ideal. If possible, lean forward towards your interlocutor or sit closer to each other, then place the generator on the table between you. It is not advisable to use only one NG3000 Rabbler if the number of participants is more than 4. In this situation, it may be necessary to use one or two additional devices. Do not hide the generator in a pocket or bag while in use. The unit should be as close to the speakers as possible so that the conversation is drowned in noise.


Box Size 7.00 x 5 x 1.50
Controls: Power and Volume
Frequency Range 300 Hz-3600 Hz
Indicators: Power, Volume, Level
Power 9V
Unit Size 2 x 3.25 x .75
Weight .85


1 9V Battery
Leather Case


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