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Analog or Digital Signal Detector With Interference Resistant An

Price: $249.95

Detects both analog and digital transmissions!

Select how you want to be alerted of suspicious wireless activity. Choose the visual bar graph mode to see "more bars" the closer you get to the RF signal or pick silent vibration indicator to pinpoint the source without anyone knowing.

Detects a wide spectrum of frequency ranges as well as both standard and non-standard modulation types.

Find GSM cell phones that may be capturing your conversations. You've heard of cases where a mobile phone is left "off the hook" secretly transmitting room conversation to a listener or recording device. In addition, there are plenty of GSM devices available on the market being used for surveillance and monitoring - GSM baby-watches, GSM-based alarm systems and different 'bugs' transmitting conversations via the mobile network. The DD1203 helps you find them all!

  • Allows the operator to locate the source - using LED bar graph or silent vibration
  • Highly sensitive and adjustable, with 10-segment indicator of RF level - Frequency range 10-3600MHz
  • Carry it anywhere... its got a tough duralumin case
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Includes the 'CITY' antenna; allowing the device to avoid interference from external sources in cities or near broadcasting towers
Retractable CITY Antennae

Potential Applications Include:

Searching for active radio transmitting surveillance devices (or RF bugging devices) in premises, vehicles and items.

Room, body-carried, telephone and car bugging devices can also be found by the device.

Discovering the improper use of mobile phones and other communication equipment for picking up conversations. The information in this case can be transmitted to another phone or recorded onto an answering machine.

Detection of GSM bugs, 'spy' mobile phones and mobile phones in an active state (for illegal transmission of conversations)

Detection of harmful emissions from GSM-jammers or mini recorder suppressors

Detection of harmful emissions from microwave ovens, communication antennas and other electronic appliances


Box Size 7 x 5 x 1.50
Continuous operation appox. 10 hours
Frequency 30 MHz to 6GHz FM Only
Power 2 x AAA
Unit Size 4.5 x 2.25 x .50
Weight 1.00


2 Antennas
2 batteries size AAA
Leather case

Download the Manual(s) dd1203manual.pdf


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