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Window Alarm With Deactivation Key

Price: $9.95

Easy-to-install motion activated alarm for exterior windows and doors or restrict access to cabinets.

    • Detects the opening of a protected window and sounds a 105 db alarm to alert you and scare off potential intruders
    • Protects inconspicuously with micro 2.5 inch design
    • Owner may access the secured door or window with deactivation key
    • Use in the home to alert parents to children accessing a gun, medicine cabinet or exterior doors (including hard to  secure glass sliding doors)
    • Provides security for retail display units, glass showcases and cash registers

      Specs: Dimensions are 2 and one-half inches by 1 and one-half inches by one-half inches. The deactivation key adds one-half inches to the height (3 inches with key inserted). Batteries included.

      Number pieces in packaging:1

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