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Pool Protector Motion Sensor Alarm

Price: $129.95

The Pool Protector is an electronic motion sensor monitoring pool alarm system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool. It's portable, self-contained and light weight. The Pool Protector is simple to operate. Entry into the pool will be detected by the pool alarm's electronic motion sensors which trigger a loud pulsating alarm at the unit and inside your house from the remote receiver.

Nationwide statistics indicate that more than 900 children between 1 and 14 die each year in drowning accidents. In California, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years of age.

But, do you really need these statistics to convince you to do everything you can to prevent this from happening to your child or grandchild?

Installation is very easy. The Pool Protector sits on your pool deck as shown in picture.

After you install the POOL PROTECTOR , it can't be de-activated; it is always in the alarm ready mode until you put it in Sleep Mode. As an extra measure of safety if someone who does not know how to put the POOL PROTECTOR in sleep mode attempts to remove the alarm, it will sound an alarm.

The POOL PROTECTOR comes with a remote receiver which can be mounted in your home up to 200 feet from the main unit. The receiver unit comes with a 12 volt power supply.

The POOL PROTECTOR uses one a 9-volt battery (not included) which should last approximately one year. There is a audible low battery indicator which will sound at the poolside alarm and the remote receiver.

For more detailed information, please download the POOL ALARM MANUAL below:

Pool Alarm PDF Manual

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