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Voice Recorder With Wireless Microphone

Price: $249.95

Voice recorder with a battery life of up to 15 days in standby voice activation mode... leave anywhere for extended periods of time and record only when there is something to hear!

Not only does it have great standby time, the battery in this device will last for over 6 full days of continuous recording, and the 16GB of internal storage allows you to keep up to 46 days of audio at any one time, so you never have to worry about files being overwritten because space ran out.

microphonePlus, this unit includes a separate wireless microphone with a range of up to 300 feet! Simply turn it on, select wireless recording mode on the device, and you are ready to record using a remote wireless microphone.

It's perfect for those times when a larger device could be a distraction like when you need to carry a small microphone on your person. Separating the microphone from the recorder also means that if anything were to happen to the microphone, the recording are still safe and sound!

  • Simple one button recording
  • Wireless microphone
  • 3 Adjustable quality settings
  • Built in microphone and speaker
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Voice Activation
  • Days of continuous recording

Technical Specs

Audio Format: WMA, MP3
Recording Bitrates: 32Kbps, 128Kbps, 192Kbps
Storage: Internal 16GB
Recording Capacity: LP: 555h, SP: 138h, SHQ: 92h
Battery Life: 153 hours in continuous recording, Up to 15 days on standby in VOS mode
Battery life of wireless microphone: up to 3 hours
Wireless microphone range: up to 300 feet (unobstructed)
Power Supply: Internal rechargeable 3.7v lithium polymer battery
Size: 4.3" x 1.3" x 0.5"
Weight: 2 oz


1 x VRSLTW Voice Recorder
1 x AC 5v Power Adapter
1 x Set of Earbuds
1 x microUSB cable
1 x Instruction Booklet
1 x wireless microphone

Compatible with Windows up to Win8 and Mac

Access Manual Online: vrsltw.pdf


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