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Spy Camera & Audio Bug Detector
Alerts you when wireless hidden cameras or audio bugs are present, LED pulse locates camera lenses

Camera Finder with RF Detector
Use red LED’S and view finder to locate the lens of any camera 2- using RF detector to pick up transmission of Radio frequency. signal strength, and alert mode indicators

Professional Wide Area Cellphone Detector
Tap into and watch intercepted signals - detects up to 300 ft.

Analog or Digital Signal Detector With Interference Resistant An
Locate wireless bugs and GSM devices such as GPS trackers or cell phones. Highly sensitive and adjustable, LED or vibration mode

Pocket Size Bug Detector
About the size of a credit card with integrated antennae. Detects RF and GSM signals - 50MHz – 3GHz

Multi-Channel Detector for Wireless Protocols
6 channels of detection for different kinds of protocols GSM/CDMA/3G -- Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Wi-Max

RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand
Detects VHF/UHF transmitters, GSM/3G bugs, wireless video cameras, Wi-Fi audio and video transmitters, vehicle transmitters, body-carried transmitters

Cell Phone Detector with White Noise
Automatically generates white noise interference whenever cell or GSM activity is detected

Wireless Detection - Camera Finder Pro
Finds cameras audio bugs, wireless transmitters, GPS trackers PLUS, sophisticated phone taps

Digital Bug Detector RF WiFi Blutooth
Detects even modern digital bugs using GSM, bluetooth and WiFi protocols. 20 hr. rechargeable battery

Hidden Camera Detector With Strength Meter
Bug Detector with Strength Meter - Accurately detects and locate hidden camera or microphones

Pen Style Bug Detector RF GSM
Simple and intuitive with an antenna in the cap - just point the cap towards the items you want to probe

Pro Camera Detector & Video Monitor
Tap into and watch intercepted signals - detects up to 300 ft.

Wireless Detection - Camera Finder
Radio frequency detection 10MHz ~ 8GHz, infra red lens finder attachment.

Mini Wireless Camera Hunter LCD Screen
Scan 900mhz-6ghz wireless range - view the video feed live on 2.5 LCD screen. Rechargeable 3hr. battery

Cell Phone Safe
Detects spy activity on your cell phone and automatically blocks audio snooping - compatible with most phones

Analog RF Detector
Detects analog signals in the 1 MHz - 6 GHz Frequency range - small pocket size device with rechargeable battery

Spy Camera Detector Lens Reflector
Infra red lens detection up to 30 feet! Adjustable brightness and filters eliminate natural reflections

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Hidden cameras & audio bugs can be anywhere!

RF bug detectors help you locate hidden cameras and audio surveillance devices that may have been installed in your office, home or apartment. Today's miniaturized designs mean you might never know if you are being spied on in your bedroom, shower, office or home.

Besides the obvious embarrassment, being spied on can give criminals access to your personal information and valuables. Thieves can use audio and video surveillance to learn your routines and gain easier access to your home and the location of your valuables. Your private conversations can give theives all they need to successfully steal your identity, break into your house, or prey upon your loved ones. Protect yourself with one of our counter surveillance devices such as RF bug detectors, audio jammers and more.

RF bug detectors find hidden cameras and audio surveillance devices by zeroing in on the wireless signals they use to transmit the data they are collecting. You can also locate non-wireless hidden cameras with bug detectors that locate lens reflections.

Use our counter surveillance bug detectors to locate:

  • Analog or digital bugs
  • Series and parallel phone taps
  • Infinity spy device (hook switch bypass, third wire taps, harmonica, and more)
  • Cell phone bugs
  • Body transmitters (concealed on body recording devices)
  • Rooms bugs
  • GPS personal and vehicle trackers

Protect yourself, your personal information, valuables, and your loved ones with low-cost counter surveillance devices.

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