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Telephone Call Recorder
Automatically record both sides of phone calls - voice activated, stores to removable SD card

Digital Phone Call Recording System
Voice activated recording, large LCD screen, captures Caller ID, stores to removable SD card

Cell or Landline Telephone Call Recorder
Voice activated or manual recording for cell or landline, 8GB memory holds 1040 hours - battery lasts 30 days on a single charge, USB interface

Cell Phone Voice Changer - iStranger
New voice changing system designed to be compatible with most existing cell phones - headphone jack connection, 6 hour rechargeable battery

Cell Phone Call Recorder
Simply clip on to your phone, one touch or voice activated recording, completely Mac compatible

USB Phone Line Recorder
Voice activated recording automatically captures every call - one touch activation, USB connection, Windows & Mac compatible

Telephone And Voice Recorder
Voice activated recorder - records both sides of conversation to flash memeory - connects to PC by USB

Mini Voice Recorder
Lasts up to 20 hours on a single battery - simple intuitive interface with one touch recording button - voice activated recording

Phone Voice Changer
Hands-free strap on design - 14 pitch range, volume control. Works with most phones.

Phone Recorders feed

You can easily record incoming and outgoing phone calls on either analog or digital phone lines. Select hands free voice activated recording or manual one button recording. Check out your options above...

Key things to look for are:

  • MOST IMPORTANT: if you have a digital phone system or VoIP does the unit support this
  • Are your recordings meant to be secret? Can you shut off the LCD screen and beeping?
  • Size of the interface (the buttons and the screen) which will affect the ease of use
  • Bundled file management software to help you wade through the multiple files you will create
  • PC compatability, Mac or Windows, also audio file type used
  • Memory size (and abiltiy to select the aualtiy of recordings... higher quality means each dile takes up less memory, lower quality means there is potential for slight distortion

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